Trigamon is Copyright 2005-2014 by Benjamin Strauss

Trigamon News:
• 8/8/14: Episodes #5-7 posted.

• 6/14/16: Project now resumed thanks to the physical therapy people

• 5/4/16: Project on pause due to my RSI.  Progress should resume 6/4/16

• 1/13/16: Trigamon Mithril Version has been created.  Screenshots can be seen under the Trigamon Mithril Link on the “Downloads” page.

• 1/13/16: Posted episodes are now antiquated.

• 1/5/15: Type-Compatibility Matchup Table updated!  Even if you’re some random person on the internet, send us your feedback before it gets finalized!

• 6/21/14: First Trigamon Cards Posted.  They are parodies of Yu-Gi-Oh™ Cards and compatible with the Yu-Gi-Oh!™ Game.  Print ‘n’ Play!

• 6/11/13: Type Matchup Table Alpha has been completed feel free to email me and provide feedback.

• 3/14/13: Episode #2 Updated

Miscellaneous Articles:

Trigamon Physics
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Trigamon is copyright by Benjamin Strauss