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Trigamon News:
• 6/11/13: Type Matchup Table Alpha has been completed

• 3/14/13: Episode #2 Updated

• 2/22/13: Working on re-writing some of the early episodes, new ones might not be posted for a little while, sorry.

• 1/29/13 Altairian Honorifics posted in the Dictionary

• 1/25/13 Episode #3 is now posted.

• 1/10/13 The first three episode scripts are now available to be read on the website (#0-2), under the Anime tab.  Unfortunately, they are not in TV form yet, though you can read the scripts.

2/18/12 Please join us in a “Black March.”  Details can be found here

• 1/20/12 “Like” Trigamon on Facebook!  Our page can be found by clicking here.

• 1/20/12 Even as a copyright holder, I oppose SOPA and PIPA.  Please join me in working to protect our freedom of speech.Type_Table_Alpha.htmlStopping_Sensorship.html
Miscellaneous Articles:

Trigamon Physics
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